Don’t Miss the Spectacular Surya Grahan on April 20, 2023!

The year 2023 is going to witness a rare celestial event that will leave everyone in awe. On April 20, 2023, a spectacular solar eclipse, also known as Surya Grahan in Hindi, will occur. It is an astronomical event where the moon passes between the sun and the earth, casting a shadow on the earth’s surface. This event occurs only once in a few years, and when it does, it is a sight to behold.

The Surya Grahan of 2023 will be particularly special as it will be an annular solar eclipse. This means that the moon will cover the sun’s central part, leaving only its outer edge visible. The ring of fire, also known as the annulus, will be visible around the moon, creating a breathtaking sight for viewers.

The path of the eclipse will start from the eastern parts of Australia and will move towards the northeast, covering parts of Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and the Philippines. It will then move towards the Pacific Ocean, where it will end. However, the eclipse will be visible as a partial eclipse in many parts of Asia and the Pacific, including India, China, Japan, and Korea.

The best places to witness the annular eclipse are the regions where the eclipse will be total. However, it is essential to take precautions while viewing the eclipse as looking directly at the sun can cause permanent eye damage. It is recommended to use special eclipse glasses or project the image of the eclipse onto a surface using a pinhole camera or other safe devices.

The Surya Grahan of 2023 is a rare and remarkable event that shouldn’t be missed. It provides a rare opportunity to witness the beauty and wonder of our universe. So mark your calendars, and get ready to witness this spectacular celestial event that will leave you mesmerized.