Jupiter and Saturn is conjunct in Capricorn in 2020

Saturn and Jupiter in Astrology will cure any kind of problems. As Jupiter is more masculine it takes on a more active role and Saturn takes more a nurturing or a feeling side of nature. They are the opposition in many aspects of your life. For example, the man who becomes more physical becomes more emotional, and the emotional man will end up feeling lonely when there are no physical things to fill the void.

With this planet combination if you have a patient who gets better than expected you will feel the relief of “being all in one”. It is said that Saturn takes more of a healing effect and Jupiter takes a strengthening one. It is possible to grow stronger in a place where you feel that you are starting to feel a little weak, with the same moon and planet combination. That is very therapeutic and productive for both the individual and the environment. While you are being healed by this, do not forget to take care of yourself and spend some time socializing.

Saturn also brings more harmony to your life. Saturn has a slower effect on people who are drawn to more spirited personalities. While on the other hand, Saturn brings a much softer touch to people who seek more harmony and balance in their lives. These two characteristics will help you to promote self-confidence and love. If you find yourself becoming very skeptical about your ability to remain positive, do not let that discourage you. Start taking your own efforts and achievements as positive signs. What you are doing is encouraging yourself to be encouraged in all that you do.