What happened Saturn and Venus in the 8th house?

Saturn and Venus are in the 8th house, which is said to be a place of good material security. It is also known as the house of hard work and responsibility. Saturn brings about a new form of thinking where you will be responsible for your life or you will take charge of your situation.

With Saturn in the 8th house, it indicates that money would come easily to you because if there is something you need, it will come to you without any difficulty. On the other hand, it may not always be easy to pay off all obligations that have been created by your hard work and responsibilities.

So in this case, Venus is associated with wealth because when Venus is placed in an aspect with Saturn, then money can help us live a better life. If we have trouble paying our bills on time or find ourselves unable to meet financial obligations due to poor management skills or self-denial then we should consider working on these issues before they get out of control like debt problems etc..

Saturn and Venus are transiting in the 8th house. This is usually a time when we will experience changes and transformations. In our relationships, our family members or friends might be going through some sort of change and transformation as well. There could be a new relationship developing in our lives at this time. It could also be that there is an old relationship that has ended that we have not yet processed fully which may show up now.