Love marriage planets in astrology

Does astrology play a role in Love marriage?

Love marriage is considered to be one of the most common aspects of modern Indian society. When people choose a spouse according to their wishes and choices instead of finalizing family members for a marital alliance, marriage is called a marriage of love.

The prediction and analysis of ‘love marriage yoga’ in the horoscope is related to astrology. The nature of that person’s horoscope and the arrangement of specific planets may also indicate whether that person is going to have an arrangement or a traditional marriage or a love marriage.


There is a great need to understand the important role that planets play in influencing life and its various aspects. The movement and arrangement of the planets also have an impact on the individual’s thoughts and actions. According to Hindu astrology, there are many favorable planetary combinations that help a person to have a relationship with his favorite partner.

Marriage is a divine union of companionship and an important life decision. The secret to a happy marriage is to find the right person.

The position of the planets in one horoscope determines the timing of marriage and how life is determined after marriage.

Venus, Mars, Moon, Saturn, and Rahu and the 5th, 7th, 8th, 12th house should be seen as behavior in astrology.

Venus and Mars in Taurus, Scorpio, or Capricorn are intensifying sexual desire. The position of Mars as the lord of the 3rd and 8th house in the 12th for the sign of Virgo makes it a powerful deterrent to feelings of normal sex and love.

Marriage or relationship in the 7th house and 7th house is extremely important for measuring the chances of love marriage. The aspect or coincidence between Venus and Mars should also be analyzed. Mainly the 5th and 7th houses and the relationship between Venus and Mars indicate the possibility of love or arranged marriage.

However, the 9th house (the house of the Lord) and its lord also play an important role in this matter. The more comfortable your ninth house is, the happier your married life is.

In modern times, boys and girls work and study together, so that they have the opportunity to meet each parent separately. Such frequent meetings lead to mutual discord, which leads them to form a love affair and eventually to agree to marry.

Such marriage is called “marriage of love.” Thus, in the marriage system, the choice of marriage system is the primary choice of bride and groom, and parents are secondary.

A marriage of love is always successful on the basis of a mutual agreement between a bride and a groom. Particularly in today’s digital world, finding your perfect match has become a challenging task. Vedic astrology states that there are many factors that have an impact on our married life and the harmony between couples.

The traditional method of inquiry to obtain information is 7th. The 5th house can provide you with important clues about your romantic life, intimacy, intimacy, etc. In the 11th house, we’re talking about how we relate to others.

Venus is the primary love planet. It is not possible to get successful love in life due to not having the right place of Venus. Successful love here means – a romantic relationship will turn into a marriage.

Venus brings a love marriage between the 5th house and the 7th. Venus represents what your “life” is. Such as: If it is in the 5th house, you will always be ready to live a romantic life. If your spouse’s horoscope does not match your wishes, it creates many complications after marriage, it may end in divorce or you can find a new world of relationship for you.

That is why the divorce rate in case of love marriage is so high, people do not know the difference between love and attraction or attraction for a limited period.