Under what conditions in a horoscope does Ketu give wealth

Money and Ketu?

Before discussing this topic, let us discuss what Ketu represents. Ketu has a strong body. Have to have ahead. Now you know that the head is over the eyes, nose, ears, tongue, and whole brain. Thus all our senses are under the control of Rahu. Money or an illusion or delusion is related to Rahu, which exacerbates your feelings to alleviate money or poverty. Rahu is a bodyless head, so you never know when you will eat. He continued to eat and his appetite never quenched. It is Rahu, who can give you wealth and true physical performance.

Ketu on the other hand is a broken body.¬†This body has no senses, so it has no will. Ketu is like a monk, if someone gives him something he eats, otherwise not. It depends on feeding someone. That is why we say that Ketu is the savior or savior. When Ketu is above a person’s will, he feels that he does not exist. Your ego (head) and mind will go away to find the true truth. The truth that is not covered by your own belief system (your eyes), (your ears) without being explained by hearing, your words (your tongue) that do not enter. So, the real truth without any masks. This Ketu us. Such Ketu will give you wealth, whether it is the wealth of knowledge or the wealth of contentment. It is not material wealth. But, Ketu is associated with Ganesha. Therefore, Ketu means abundance in life, abundance does not mean much, it means contentment. At which point you feel like you have everything to live a happy life. Ketu will give you prosperity.

  • Ketu alone will not pay under any circumstances. Ketu can only give respect and redemption in certain circumstances.
  • Ketu is anti-Rahu and therefore has the opposite effect.
  • The main house of wealth in Kundli is the second house. It is the rest of the house that offers property benefits in situations like the fifth and eighth. The eleventh building is not stock, is a regular income.
  • Ketu inherited the money independently at home and if the sins had not been applied and other sins were also auspicious, Ketu would have benefited from the corpse accumulated in his room or in his inner state.
  • If Ketu is in the eleventh house and his benefit is auspicious for freedom, moving to Kenu Munesh’s room will increase the income a lot.
  • If Ketu is in the eighth house then Rahu is in the second house. In such a situation the house of wealth is uneducated, but if Dhanesh is inauspicious condition and wealth is in terms of Ashtam, then the difference between Ashtamesh and caste Mahadas and Ashesh will definitely be beneficial. Get.