What are the good characteristics of Saturn?

This way understand the effect of Saturn on every house…

1- Saturn in the 1st house i.e.

If is in the first house i.e. in the ascendant of the horoscope in your horoscope and is in an auspicious position. So that person lives like a king. That is, his life remains full of Aishwarya. He also has social and political status and that person is also equipped with leadership qualities. Such a person should avoid the consumption of alcohol and non-vegetarian food and if he survives then Shani will give very positive results in his life.

2- 2nd ie wealth house Saturn in 2nd house:

If sitting in the second house in the horoscope, then that person is considered to be very intelligent, kind, and just. He is also of spiritual and religious nature. This way

3-  in 3rd house i.e. mighty house:

In the third house in the horoscope, that person is self-made, that is, on his own and on the basis of his struggle, he achieves a position in life and such a person is seen with a lot of respect in the society. He also gets a lot of female happiness. If Saturn is sitting in an inauspicious position in the third house, then that person becomes very lazy and his tendency also becomes very low level.

4- Happiness/mother’s house Saturn in 4th house:

sitting in the fourth house of the horoscope is not considered very auspicious. It gives some health issues. Such people are sometimes deprived of even building a house in life. This place also belongs to the mother and there is some trouble for the mother too.

5- intellect Saturn in 5th house:

Sitting in the fifth house of the horoscope makes a person very mystic. That is, that person does not reveal his secrets nor does he share his feelings with others. He does not care much for his wife and children and does not have a very good image even among friends.