Astrology in our Life importance benefits and purpose of guidance

Astrology in our Daily Lives

Astrology in our life What is the first thing that pops in your head when you hear the world Astrology? Is it the future? A myth? An advice or something which is beyond explanation. What if I give you your complete life guide today, will you follow it step by step? Ignore it? Or try to do something just the opposite? Just like these above questions Astrology works, we don’t want to believe it but it’s still we can’t ignore it’s existence.
Most of you might wonder what is Astrology all about? In layman’s language, it is predicting one’s future or life actions based on the time they were born which is strongly depicted by the presence of moon and stars during that time. Now when we are done with the basics, let us talk about how Astrology can influence your daily life. Astrology is everything and anything, we often hear people making statements about others nature/ behaviour according to their sun sign or moon sign. I don’t say that every Libran who are born from 24 September- 23 October have the same thought process but if you observe closely, you can find a lot of similarities. If you are still not sure, find out your zodiac sign according to your date and read what you sign has to say about you. I can guarantee their will be more than ten things that you will be able to relate to your life. You can check this link to find you your zodiac sign

Can Astrology Help you to take Daily Life decision?
When you mix two chemicals, you know what will happen. In the similar way from the day you are born everything you do gets mixed with the time you were born in resulting in the present which people can find out in advance using the technique of astrology. Now you might think I sound crazy and maybe I am because of the star I was influenced by, but now I can make my crazy part into something better.

Kundlis before marriage
If you are born in a Brahim household, you might be familiar with the word kundli which is again a proper documentation of your sun sign and moon sign. Before any marriage is fixed, it is very important to match the Kundlis of the couples to ensure that they have a compatibility. At times during the lack of compatibility proper measures are taken place to make things fine for the future. You can consider it to be a myth but you cannot deny the incidences when things went wrong because of the ignorance of people towards the Kundlis.

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