Nine Planets in Astrology

shani dev

Shani dev is going to be retrograde from Margie. From 11 May 2020, Saturn will be retrograde, changing its course. This retrograde motion of Saturn will last for 142 days. After this, from September 29,  In such a situation, changing the movement of Saturn will increase the troubles of many people. According to astrology, Saturn

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cancer horoscope

cancer horoscope You may find yourself asking a lot of questions about the Cancer astrological sign. You may wonder if Cancer is a good or bad sign for you. There are many things to consider when determining which signs are good or bad. There are even astrological characteristics that are more or less important depending

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brihaspati by astrologer in india abhishek soni

brihaspati horoscope and astrology. It is also considered one of the largest planet within the solar system. Another most significant name is Dev Guru Brihaspati’.brihaspati Jupiter represents gold, knowledge, education, son, teacher, wisdom, protector, growth and expansion, guardian of abstract mind, writers, speakers, religions, expressions, philosophy, spiritual thought, learning and development, long-distance travel, ethical and

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