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Shani dev is going to be retrograde from Margie. From 11 May 2020, Saturn will be retrograde, changing its course. This retrograde motion of Saturn will last for 142 days. After this, from September 29,  In such a situation, changing the movement of Saturn will increase the troubles of many people. According to astrology, Saturn lives in a zodiac for about two and a half years. On 24 January 2020, before entering Saturn on May 11, except Sagittarius, he has entered Capricorn. Due to Saturn’s zodiac change, it had a wide impact on many zodiac signs. Now Saturn will move retroactively, so let’s know what will be its effect. Shani dev

When will be Saturn retrograde  Shani dev

After about a month, Saturn will come in retrograde on May 11, 2020, and will do its trick. This retrograde motion of Shani will last for 142 days where Saturn will turn again on September 29. According to astrology, when Saturn is retrograde, it is most likely to remain particularly painful. There are many troubles in the life of the zodiac signs of which Saturn is retrograde. Shani dev

Saturn has inauspicious effects on 5 zodiac signs Shani dev

In astrology, Saturn is considered to be the causative planet of justice. The effects of Saturn’s retrograde will affect the natives of those zodiac signs on which Saturn’s half-century or dhaiya will be moving.Shani dev

If Saturn is sitting in an inauspicious house in your horoscope then you will get to see its suffering, whereas if Saturn is in your horoscope then you will not get to see its ominous effect.

Just as in order to live in society, we also have to follow the law, otherwise the court is punished, similarly, the owner of the court of our deeds and duties is Shani dev. If you ever harm anyone, then you too will have to bear the brunt of it.

It is not that Shani Dev is bad, just some astrologers have spread the misconception that Shani Dev only punishes which is absolutely wrong. Punishment only comes when you make a mistake and there is no doubt about it. Shani dev  

They are cruel planets because they like justice and discipline. They learn a lesson until we improve. Serve selflessly with those people of family and society who really need.

And let me tell you one thing when Shani Dev saves someone, a human being becomes a king from the rank. Therefore, your hard work will never fail.

In the current era, Saturn is halfway through Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius signs. At the same time, there are 2 other zodiac signs Gemini and Saturn’s balance on Libra. In such a situation, if Saturn is retrograde, you will get the maximum effect on the five zodiac signs.

Remedies for Saturn —

– Keep fast of Shani Dev every Saturday.
– In the evening, offer water to the Peepal tree and light a mustard oil lamp.
– Chant Shani’s Beej Mantra ॐ Pramprin Pryam Sastra Shanashishrai Namah 108 times.
– Wear black or blue clothes.
– Donate food and clothing to the poor.