Mercury travels retrograde

Mercury travels retrograde On April 25, 2020, Mercury will enter Aries from Pisces. Mercury will associate with the Sun in this zodiac sign in a higher sense. Mercury’s nature is to remain neutral. Therefore it will have an auspicious effect on all the zodiac signs of the Sun. Mercury’s influence on the seven zodiac signs […]

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Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury in Aquarius in Astrology is considered an important event in astrology. The planet Mercury is considered to be the planet of wisdom. In addition, it represents the areas of dialogue, speech, intelligence, business and writing. The most impact of Mercury planet is in the business. Mercury in Aquarius can be tricky. There are many

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mercury in 7th house

This article will examine seven different traits that can be found in one’s charts for a person who has an attribute of Mercury in the seventh house of their astrological birth chart. These traits are very important to study because they will help determine the future of your relationship. — mercury in 7th house The

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