blue sapphire

blue sapphire In my previous article I have discussed importance and significance of gemstone according to each zodiac sign or Rashi (in Hindi). All nine planets (navgraha) denotes each gemstones and they are also called as Navratans.

Today I will try to put some highlights on Neelam Gemstone which is also called as Blue Sapphire.  The stone itself hold much importance in terms of Vedic Astrology and indeed native or the person who wears the stone indeed enjoys greater benefits of it in the life or even this stone proves destroyers of its life.

Blue Sapphire gemstone or Neelam (in Hindi) denotes Lord Shani (Saturn) and signifies the day Saturday. Lord Shani is considered as Malefic Planet among all the nine planets, therefore placement of Shani in the Horoscope  lot more determines if Blue Sapphire will be suitable or not or how it show its result.

It is very wrong belief or quoted that natives born under Aquarius or Capricorn zodiac signs should wear Blue Sapphire.  Blue Sapphire or Neelam should be wore in Right hand middle finger on Saturday evening after performing purification of Stone with (gangajal, honey, curd, milk, chandan and tulsi ) blue sapphire

Therefore word of caution should be exercised by thoroughly analysing your horoscope or kundali from the very expert Vedic Astrologer otherwise native will invite unnecessary danger to its life by wearing this stone.

Following are the top benefits of wearing blue sapphire

  1. In Vedic Astrology Blue Sapphire or Neelam is considered one of the fastest acting or giving result Gemstone, which means its impacts or effects are felt seriously. The native can be richer or world famous person within day or even opposite for the same.
  2. Neelam gemstone is very much beneficial in Saturn Transit or its period in any horoscope like Sade Sati. The stone directly helps to improve the body metabolism during such periods.
  3. It is advisable before wearing Blue Sapphire, a trail should be conducted for 1 day to measure its negative or positive impact and then accordingly should be proceeded further.
  4. The stone is very much beneficial for mental stability, clearing doubts or confusions, helps native in firm decision making.
  5. IT is believe if  Sapphire stone suits native, then it receives direct befits of Lord Shani through every means such as good health, wealth and prosperity.
  6. It helps in removing negative impacts of energies in Horoscope, evil eyes and further over comes any bad fame or danger to native’s life
  7. Moreover it helps to improve health problems related to bones, stomach and helps to improves concentrations.
  8. One of the best befits of wearing  it balance Aura Chakra in the body which is responsible for smooth flow of cosmic energy into the body. Importantly wearing Sapphire also overcomes, sudden death, diseases, thefts, and even accidents.
  9. People who are dealing with professions like art, cinema, investigation, business, IT and even doctors, wearing Blue Sapphire ( Neelam) would be much helpful and beneficial.