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Understanding Combustion in Astrology

Read More combust meaning in astrology Combustion is an important term in astrology to describe the relationship between the Sun and other planets. It occurs when a world is positioned close to the Sun, within a few degrees of the Sun, resulting in its energy being overshadowed or burnt by the Sun’s rays. This phenomenon is essential in astrology as it can influence the planet’s ability to express its points and affect the individual’s life differently.  Read More about combust meaning in astrology

 Factors Affecting Combustion

The following factors determine the combustion of a planet:  

  1. Distance from the Sun – The closer a planet is to the Sun, the higher the chances of combustion.
  2. Retrograde or Direct Motion – A planet in retrograde motion moves away from the Sun, making it less susceptible to combustion.
  3. Position of the planet – If a world is positioned on the opposite side of the Sun from Earth, it is less likely to combust.
  4. The planet’s strength – A more vital world is less susceptible to combustion as it has the power to resist the Sun’s energy.

 Effects of Combustion

Combustion can affect a planet in several ways, depending on the world and its placement. Here are some of the effects of blast in astrology:

  1. Weakening of Planetary Energy – Combustion can weaken the planet’s energy, making it difficult for individuals to express their energies.
  2. Loss of Significance – A combust planet may lose its significance in the birth chart, and its energies may be overshadowed by the Sun.
  3. Positive Effects – In some cases, combustion can have positive effects, such as enhancing the planet’s energy or providing a more prominent role in the birth chart.
  4. Adverse Effects – In other cases, combustion can have negative effects, such as causing obstacles or delays in expressing the planet’s energy.
  5. Health Issues – Combustion can also affect an individual’s health, especially if it involves a planet that rules over health issues. Read More about combust meaning in astrology

 Planetary Effects of Combustion

The following are the effects of combustion on each planet:

  1. Sun – The Sun cannot be explosive, as it is the source of all energy in the birth chart.
  2. Moon – When the Moon is explosive, it can affect an individual’s emotional well-being, causing them to feel drained or exhausted. It can also impact their relationship with their mother or female figures.
  3. Mercury – When Mercury is combustible, it can cause communication issues, delays in travel plans, and affect an individual’s ability to learn new skills.
  4. Venus – When Venus is combustible, it can cause relationship issues, financial problems, and an individual’s creativity.
  5. Mars – When Mars is explosive, it can cause accidents, injuries, or surgery, affect an individual’s motivation, and impact their physical energy.
  6. Jupiter – When Jupiter is combustible, it can affect an individual’s luck, cause financial issues, and impact their spiritual growth.
  7. Saturn – When Saturn is combustible, it can cause delays and obstacles and impact an individual’s career growth.
  8. Rahu/Ketu – When Rahu or Ketu is combustible, it can cause confusion and misunderstandings and impact an individual’s spiritual growth. Read More combust meaning in astrology

Remedies for Combustion

Astrology offers several remedies to reduce the adverse effects of combustion:

  1. Wearing Gemstones – Wearing gemstones related to the planet in combustion can help reduce its adverse effects.
  2. Performing Pooja – Performing pooja or offering prayers to the related deity can also help reduce the adverse effects of combustion.
  3. Fasting – Fasting on the day ruled.