Don’t worry about Saturn

Don’t worry about Saturn.  For people, it’s a mental cycle in which we sometimes feel in the dark that we’re melting or” losing “, not knowing what we’re doing. We’ll transform or when we go out and Pluto retrograde, April 22-September 30, is the right time to make changes to improve with Saturn retrograde starting April 17. Where to be surprised? This means its 2018 retro Pluto symbol.

When it comes to astrology, Saturn and Pluto is heavenly. Saturn is a celestial body that shows the lessons of our duty and our karma. Saturn’s energy, which is considered to be the taskmaster, can be relaxed and unobtrusive. He wants us to learn things strictly, not allow shortcuts. Sometimes I saw a client coming and said I didn’t have a birth chart. There is something. There can be various reasons why a birth certificate does not exist. These are some of the reasons.


In its way, Pluto is dangerous. This remote astronomical body controls death and rebirth, bringing about a deadly infection from within. Pluto is not afraid of destruction. After all, this hostile world is about * thriving * chaos. Pluto accomplishes things that don’t work, so you can rely on plays when the news of this global bad boy arrives.  –Don’t worry about Saturn


Corrective Action Plan for Saturn


Buy 1 litre of mustard oil in a steel saucepan and pour. First, see his face reflected in the oil, then donate it to a dark-skinned Brahmin. Do it every Saturday. Let’s do it. If any poor person is sick, you can give them medicine. It allows us to be free from the evils of Antardasa and Shani Mahadasa. If you go bald, your soul will be saddened by the noise in the joints of your body, arguments with fathers, police and court cases; you will be lazy, then you need to understand that you have a bad phase of the sun.  –Don’t worry about Saturn 


When it comes to astrology, Saturn and Pluto are heavenly. Saturn is a celestial body that shows the lessons of our duty and our karma. Saturn can be calm and unassuming, which is called “taskmaster”: Saturn you have to be strict on things, no shortcuts are allowed.  –Don’t worry about Saturn 


Saturn wants to overcome the illusion that what we understand is an external and independent reality. When he takes the zodiac and tries to urge to watch from his emotional screen, he still shows some aspects of his frustration on the chart. At the time of Sade Sati, when Saturn comes to our earth, it just feels good because the needs of the planet are increasing. Your mother/family shows up and often needs your attention more than ever. –Don’t worry about Saturn


Modern psychiatry recognizes that our outer world fulfils our lunar/mental desires. The New Age movement has also taken advantage of this, and there are many techniques available to display, improve or visualize positive thoughts in our reality.


Instead, the Vedic Sears decided to focus on Saturn’s discipline, composition, detachment, and surrender to change the reality of their karma.


Saturn is hated in the Vedic horoscope, and its image as a planet that creates significant adverse conditions is terrible. Everything is awful if you look at the materialistic view of Saturn’s task life, but you should notice the way Saturn works in the horoscope.

Every astrologer will say that Saturn is not too late to deny. Since Navagraha is the slowest planet, Saturn imposes this quality on everything that affects it. Saturn is the best teacher in Vedic astrology. Saturn has a responsibility to help someone understand his shortcomings and get back on track. So when Saturn is causing problems in life, there is a deeper meaning behind it. If you can learn from your mistakes in the future, you will see positive results. And when Saturn behaves under the collective influence of other hell planets, things take a nasty turn. If Saturn is only fighting against someone, then the situation will be successful and fruitful in the future.  –Don’t worry about Saturn


In the horoscope, if Saturn is affecting the tenth House, it will give birth to birth problems, no matter how much benefit there is in the horoscope. Saturn’s work is interrupted when he is in the 10th house or the fourth house of the horoscope. To be successful in such a business, these natives have to face many obstacles. But they are going at a slow pace, and they will become extreme in their careers. It would be best if you had more than luck to succeed in the business. However, as mentioned above, this problem is only at the beginning, and the encounter allows the locals to be sure of any unusual situation in their future careers. If Saturn is married, its appearance at ten o’clock will also cause problems with high passion, but these people are lucky with less fighting.  –Don’t worry about Saturn 


Saturn, the world of order


For more than one reason, Saturn is the most feared planet. In the world, this cake doesn’t work for you. It brings us challenges; it gives us life lessons. But, it does not make you as destructive and embarrassing as the adverse effects of Mars. It makes you a better person, removes negativity and leaves you with polished personalities, ready for spirituality and higher education. He wants us to be disciplined, and so he has to withdraw, and there are restrictions. Saturn’s influence does not always mean denial. This means delay. However, in some cases, the original performance may also be denied if it is hidden or weakened by an enemy symbol. This means that a teacher plays a role in our lives. Its positive effects give us the wisdom of old age, a sense of tradition, determination, strength and much more. Below is a detailed description of this colourful world to help you better understand.