Five Beneficial Vastu Tips for Home

prosperity depends on your hard work, vastu plays a important role but what can you do for happiness and peace? The more your business matters to happiness and peace, the more your home architecture.

It is necessary to build a house for a house, to stay in peace and happiness in the family. And if you do this then you get comfortable. If you are going to build a house, then select the map on the basis of Vastu. Be honest with your architect, that you only need a house built according to Vastu. Yes, if you are going to buy a built-up house or a flat, then Vastu can take care of the following things and find a beautiful house for himself.

  1. The main entrance of the house

The main entrance of the house should not be south facing.

  1. Drawing room

To avoid battles in the family, draw a bouquet of flowers in the drawing room.


There should not be a wardrobe or temple in the kitchen.


Temple Should not be located next to the toilet in the house.


There should not be a toilet before entering the house.

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