Ganesh Ji Temple

Ganesh Ji Temple is one of the main attractions in Mumbai. The word “Mumbai” is derived from this word. It has been a long-standing temple for the city and is a popular tourist spot.

Ganesh Ji Temple was founded by Shiva, the Devindra (the Lord of Vedas) and Narayan Mahal and the Naga Parvini Mahbod. The Naga Parvini Moghul Bachai also accepted the order of Shiva and gave birth to the Shilaje Devi. It was later built by his son, Laxmi Moghul. Laxmi Moghul’s son was Kumaraji, who founded the Mumbai.

The temple is divided into three different styles, Shilaje Devi’s with the northern side being Shiva’s side, Ganesha Mahabodhi’s with the southern side being Ganesha’s side and the Bhende Mahabodhi with the western side being Bhende’s side. The styles are different from each other and have the distinct features of the deity. This keeps the history of the temple intact and adds to its popularity.

The festival dates back to more than four thousand years. The festivals are celebrated with great devotion. Even today, this temple still stands for the gods and goddesses that matter to the people.

The culture and traditions of this religion vary. Each corner of the temple holds an important part of history. Some even hold the importance of religion.

Ganesh Ji Temple in Mumbai is a very old temple and there is a lot of history related to it. There are several places of worship associated with this temple. These include Shilaje Devi’s pond, Bhende Mahabodhi’s pond, M/S Iqbal Road, Kanjurmarg, Medak, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Moher Dam, Asmita Das, Govindpuri, Ravi Bhawan, Bhendi Bazaar, Kamduni Marg, Ramnagar and more.

You will find a Ganesha statue in the temple that is one of the reasons why many tourists come and visit this temple in Mumbai. This figure is also carved with the symbol of Shiva. These statues stand on Ganesh Ji Swargal Lotus Flower Ponds at the north side of the Shiva Lingam in the temple.

There are many things to do and see at this temple. The entire experience can be tinged with tranquillity and the feeling of joy and happiness. Some tourists will be extremely happy to take pictures of themselves and others will be happy to interact with the holy people.

When visiting the famous Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai, you must not miss the breathtaking sunset. It is also a place to visit if you are looking for silence and serenity. The clean and fresh air in the evening will help you prepare for the good rest ahead.

It is situated on the waterfront of Mumbai. It is not far from the heart of the city and offers tourists an opportunity to enjoy the great skyline view of the city at dusk. This is definitely a magnificent sight to behold.

Ganesh Ji Temple Siddhivinayak Temple is built with beautiful Rajasthani architecture. You can also experience the fascinating Mahamashira procession which takes place in the morning before the sunset. Visitors can also experience the world’s oldest funeral fire ritual. The beautiful atmosphere of the procession will certainly take your breath away.

It is also possible to take a boat ride on the Arabian Sea during the morning. It is the best time to visit the city since it is the twilight hour in the evening. In fact, the sunset during this period is even more magnificent than the sunrise.

If you want to have long-lasting experience in Mumbai, you should do so during the sunset. One cannot deny the sheer splendour of the sun, while the city glows with neon lights. The colourful lights of the city are often a sign of the festival being celebrated at that particular time of the day.

Ganesh Ji Temple It is not difficult to find your way to the Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai. The landmark can be easily accessed from any direction of the city. However, it is recommended that you plan your travel ahead of time because the transportation situation during the day is different from the night.

What is more, the time of the day is also dependent on the colour of the colourful lights. If it is really hot during the day, then it is advisable to plan your trip in the early morning so that you can avoid the heat and humidity. On the other hand, if the city has already reached its humid stage, then it is the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful sunset. Travellers who intend to spend their night in the temple can enjoy it along with the other tourists.

Ganesh Ji Temple A temple is a sacred place and you will not find many people visiting it during the day. There are only a few temples that can boast of such a serene and peaceful atmosphere. You should try to find a spot in the morning and enjoy the splendid sunset before your long journey.

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