How can I impress Rahu and Ketu

There are many things that can be seen in the horoscope that indicate how to impress Rahu and Ketu. Astronomy has many times been used to create astrology and it is now time that astrology is also used to make astrology-related articles for the horoscope.

Astrologically, Rahu means the point of intersection of the two routes of the Moon and Sun as they travel around the celestial body. This is a sign of perfection since this is the way all stars and planets move. So, Rahu is literally the sign of perfection in everything that has a beginning and an end.

In addition to being the star sign of perfection, Rahu can also symbolize love and a longing for love. This is a sign of romanticism since there are no other stars that will show their affection to us like Rahu. Rahu and Ketu A man may wish to show this affection by marrying Rahu since it has been the sign of perfection and therefore, is a sign of love.

Astrology has proven time again that a person can be born with a personality that is very favorable to it, so if it shows a person to have a tendency to be ambitious and driven, that personality will affect him or her greatly, so this also is a sign of love in Astrology. Thus, this is a great way to show your true feelings to your partner and show them that you care.

The sign of Rahu also represents wealth and good luck. If a person has this sign, he or she will have the most opportunities for good luck and for getting into any type of business that may be presented to him or her.

Also, when a man is looking for a partner, the star of Rahu is usually considered to be lucky because of all the aspects of wealth and prosperity that it symbolizes. A woman may also take advantage of this lucky sign since it will provide her with all the resources and material things that she needs to survive.

Astrology has proven time and again that there is much more than meets the eye. Therefore, if you want to impress Rahu and Ketu your beloved by telling her that she is the star of Rahu, then there is much that you have to do, such as finding out a reputable astrologer or using an online service to tell your beloved about your intentions.

Astrology can also be used as a method of making predictions for future events. Thus, if a man’s desire is to make his wife happy by giving her the best of his heart, then a reading can help predict if she will make love again and he will have many chances of winning her heart if he has to leave his wife to settle for someone else.

The sign of Rahu can also help a man to determine if he is going to win over his girlfriend or if he should leave her and go for another woman. This will help determine whether he will get into a relationship or not, as the signs of these two signs are very similar. Thus, using astrology can give him a big advantage in his dealings with women.

How to impress Rahu and Ketu

  1. Worship Lord Ganesh
  2. Worship goddess Saraswati
  3. Keep the house neat and tidy
  4. Feed to street dogs, especially black dogs
  5. To avoid the ill effects of the Rahu planet, take the root of eight Mukhi Rudraksha or Nagarmotha. For Ketu, wear nine roots Rudraksha or Ashwagandha root.
  6. Donate barley, mustard, coin, seven types of grains to Rahu planet. At the same time, bananas, sesame seeds, black blankets, etc. can be donated for Ketu.