Is Saturn in 12th house bad for a Pisces ascendant

Only imagine if you have a Saturn in the third house and you think it’s put in a comfortable position, but wait, this is an inimical position for Saturn to be in for the significance of the 4th house, your home, mother, car, and domestic harmony. So, from some room, Saturn in 12th house position and it would be Saturn’s inimical place to be in.

Today, there’s such a hoopla of this position just because the classic says so when many legends have evolved exponentially because of this role. Let’s see for what. (Classics are not accurate, but are wrongly deciphered) These are the simplified predictions of Saturn in 12th house various narrators to the ascendant sitting in the house: The native is careless with his wealth.

  • She/he can not go on easily with his early academic career.
  • She/he’d be a shy person.
  • She/ he can face jail.
  • Perhaps she/he has bad eyesight.
  • He/she may be subject to embarrassment, and may not command respect.
  • Secretly, he/she may be of bad conduct.
  • Maybe he/she wants to be alone, and maybe a silent person.
  • He/she may face setbacks and may have S / heavy expenses.
  • Might he/she have trouble with his enemies.
  • His younger sister/brother may be highly placed in life, but his behaviour may not be good.
  • He/she may lose his high position that he/she had built up for some time in life through hard work and perseverance.

Although this position has been described as a negative placement by many narrators, my experience says barring a few exceptions it is the safest position for Saturn in 12th house to be.

There is one concept of Karmic connected to it too. Saturn is Karma, which is held in the house of natural failure. It inherently means that in this lifespan there will be no pending Karmic dues for the native as S / he will work more and get less.

The extra work goes to even out the previous birth’s pending luck. Before that let’s evaluate Saturn in 12th house for its negativity when putting in the 12th room. From this role a person who wants new opportunities in his professional life will be pleased. Since 10th house Karaka went into 12th house, 3rd (Upachaya) from it.

A person who wants to develop his ancestral property at a rapid pace will be satisfied with this location, 8th Karaka is left in 12th place (5 paces or placed in Trine). This also gives a spot on “Karaka Vipreet Rajyoga.”

A person who wants to spend prodigiously on religious ceremonies will be satisfied with this placement in the 12th house karaka in the 12th house.