You hit a jackpot recently? In recent times, did you receive the social recognition you wanted? Were you blessed with a healthy child and at the same time motivated by a good assessment? It’s your lucky time though because you have Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. This step is known as Mahadasha Jupiter. But it can lead to equally destructive effects as the loss of property, knowledge and health issues if it is in a weakened position or combined with Rahu and Ketu.JUPITER MAHA DASHA

This is a sixteen-year period. The age is called Vimshottari Dasha. Therefore, according to Jupiter’s location, it can be a good or poor time period. Those 16 years is nevertheless the most blessed moment in your life because even challenges will lead to the right path. Jupiter is a professor at Guru. An individual attains luck, intelligence, wisdom, benefits, educational, learning, professorship, religion, faith, reputation, etc. during Jupiter Dasha. Higher-level exams such as IAS and medical tests under the authority of Jupiter can be taken and successful. Liking Rahu or any other malefic worlds, it can also contribute to harmful thoughts and mental disorders. Yet the Jupiter may not be able to influence it if he is stronger than Rahu.JUPITER MAHA DASHA

JUPITER MAHA DASHA effects on human life:- 

1. You are moving to religious beliefs and practices.

2. Spend your time worshiping the gods and obeying the Brahmins.

3. It’s making you smarter and mature.

4.Gain information and awareness, and intelligence, and babies.

5. It will acquire wealth, prestige or reputation.

6.Good behavior, compassion, and good business improvement. progress.

7.Pleasure for women in marriage to children or married life.

8.A positive, healthy mind and a good body.


Antardasha is Mahadasha’s prolonged period. It is a time when the other eight planets conjoin with the Mahadasha’s ruling body. In fact, the results will differ between good and evil.

Jupiter Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha Tension’s effects in the family can lead to opposition from members.

Elders are going to suffer in the household.

Health damage due to disease, retribution or theft by government.

Physical pain may occur.

Servants can cause mental damage or agony.