Ketu is worst in which house

Ketu:-According to the planets, they react if they live alone in the house (Location specific) They play a deciding role. That landlord will produce results depending on the planet.

If any place where the horoscope is weak, even if it is not the 8th house of the horoscope, it can affect us.

In any horoscope, the best feelings (enemies and diseases, etc.) the eighth house. (The pain and the joy of death) dvadsha bhava (migration, expense, etc.) has negative and negative effects. But in these places, if Phra Ket is strong Achieving decent success and being completely successful in achieving your goals.

The victory of the best enemy in the best light, a strong body, a senior geologist in the eighth house, a medical expert, a high level of spiritual knowledge in the fourth house will guarantee salvation and success abroad.

It is not appropriate to insist that sitting and expressing certain emotions will have side effects.

Ketu in the First house

In search of Hindu stars, Ketu could be the tail of a dragon. It is believed to have a direct impact on the lives of the people who live in it. Ketu has the ability to build or destroy a person’s life, work, and relationships. When the planet Ketu first found its place in the house, it had a spiritual dimension and character for the locals. These two characteristics are worth discussing. People who live inside are attractive to others because they value their needs for recreation and entertainment, so they have the opportunity to travel the world.

Ketu in the second house

The second house belongs to the moon, which is considered an enemy of Phra Ketu. If Phra Ketu is successful in the second house, he will receive a blessing or a gift from his parents. One person has the opportunity to travel to various locations and the trip is free.

Venus is good in any state. The moon was badly affected. If the sun is in the 12th house, you can start making money in twenty-four years and he is happy. If Jupiter rises with Neptune in the second house, it will increase his income.

If Phra Ketu is harmed in the second home, that person may not have a good travel experience. If there was a moon or Mars in the 8th house, the life of the citizen would be shortened and he would have serious health problems from an early age. If the 8th house is empty, it will have a negative effect on Phra Ketu.

Ketu in the third house

The third house is influenced by Mercury and Mars, which are incompatible with King Ketu. If Ketu is useful in house 3, it is good for children. If Ketu is in house 3 and Mars is in house 12, the natives will have offspring at a young age (20 years). Traveling to work/work, not entertainment

If Ketu is Malefic in the 3rd house, the locals will lose prosecution money. He was separated from family members. He had problems with his brothers, and he had to travel unnecessarily.

Ketu in the fourth house

The loss of the mother while the moon is suffering. Behavior brings him a lot of fame and popularity and a lot of space in relationships with high-level politicians. A piece of the house is difficult for this aspect, such as the fear of controversy, spoiled, weakened, poison. He was fortunate to have both his father and a teacher.

Malefic: Poor atmosphere at home, problems with mother, property dispute, lack of peace, heart attack.

Ketu in the fifth house

This system is sometimes not good, it harms the descendants and if it was kept bad due to the bad deeds of the previous birth, many wars had to be faced. Losing a child in love can be frustrating. Less support from family and friends. This type of person easily gets into trouble with tricks/magic.

Malefic: disobedience or childlessness, poor education, failed occupation, bad faith, gastric problems, stomach ulcers

Ketu in the sixth house

Is a good place for Ketu, he will destroy all enemies. If you are well, stay here and work with a yoga teacher, tantra, or saint/doctor. Good negotiators are educated here. It also provides natural energy. Ketu is a man of strength, determination, name, and prestige. The one who has the sixth house of the Buddha is physically and mentally strong.

Malefic: Suffering from enemies or diseases, father-in-law problems, laziness.

Ketu seventh house

Even if the world is weak in lawsuits or marriage ends in divorce, it can really affect married life. There is a big difference between wives. From a business standpoint against the alliance, if mercury is well protected, it will help. Having Ketu in the seventh house can be very unjust.

Malefic: Separation from the spouse or very poor married life, low sexual power, bad temperament, cheating on the opposite sex.

Ketu in the eighth house

Accident, fight against life. Tantra that hurts marriage – is interested in mantras, but people are vague, disgusting, optimistic, have similar issues and problems. There may also be a risk of sexually transmitted diseases. She is wounded by several weapons.

Malefic: Reduces the risk from animals, water, or electricity.

Ketu ninth house

If Ketu is kept here, it is good in religious or political branches. This made him holy and righteous. This is not a good trip abroad. You can also see the difference between fathers. Ketu’s comfort zone meant that the locals earned their fortune only through hard work. But after 32 years in Baghdad, luck began with good results, but slowly.

Malefic: Parental problems, early childhood problems, self-destructive

Ketu in the tenth house

As if always wanted to do something different. But in general, everyone thinks that the capacity of fracture bone number 10 is too low. Because it is a pure and materialistic home, it is not the best in this world. But those who see the holy places love it. Religious like the Bible / Vedas

Malefic: Unstable profession, the father may be a harsh speaker, he is engaged in illegal work.

Ketu in the eleventh house

If Jupiter and Saturn are stronger on a planet and Neptune is in a better position, it will bring a lot of wealth. Such a man is great as a leader or a leader. He may be good at running the 11th house, but he still shows a social cycle. But it is limited to social groups. It is believed that Ketu, who has eleven houses, gets everything. He seems to think that most people are lucky enough to learn and dress well. If the flame is strong in 5 and the nerve in 11 is strong, do Shubh Yoga / Dhan Yoga.

Malefic – Unsuccessful career, no income barrier, no small siblings.

Ketu in the twelfth house

Ketu is a wonderful place because it is my own Ketu house. Nirvana, peace, and self-improvement are the keys to this house and Ketu are comfortable in it. It gives very good spiritual knowledge. Neptune loves to travel to the 12th house of his destiny. People want to spend their energy on things like meditation, yogis.

Malefic: Bed pleasure, imprisonment, insanity, and lack of shelter, disruption to married life, clinical illness.