mars in different houses

Mars in different houses in Astrology

First House: Mars in first house makes a person courageous, fearless, resentful and bold. They present themselves in an assertive manner. They are full of energy to do things and enjoy being active. These native get angry easily if the work is not done as desired. They love to be independent and do not like to be directed. They have the ability of taking decisions at the spur of the moment. They are great motivators and leaders and know how to get work done by others. Malefic Mars have negative effects on a person making him unkind and harsh. He may suffer from eye problem.

Second House: Mars in this house makes the person to earn livelihood from hard work. Native can suffer at the hands of immoral people. Second house placement develops a feeling to acquire and posses in life, all material wealth. They have fire burning in them to do something, to hold a position in life. They are fond of hot food and get benefit from medicines and animals. Second house is house of speech, so it will have impact on the speech of the native, little harsh they can be, but not always. Because of their impatient behavior they get rude and misunderstood.

Third House: These natives are not afraid to speak their mind and express their ideas. The Mars in the third house shows vast wealth of knowledge and they want to share it with the rest of the world. Because of their straightforward nature, they may receive different reactions to this. They may be devoid of happiness and distant from close relative. They love travelling. Relation with younger brother or siblings will also have bad effects.

Fourth House: In this house Mars will affect the emotions of a native as Mars is a fiery planet and this is the house of emotions, mother, and women. Here the native can be over protective for the family and can be bossy and manipulative. He will not be in good relation with his mother and wife. If it is strong in this house the person gets property and enjoys luxurious vehicles. However if mars is malicious it creates mishaps in family.

Fifth House: A strong and positive Mars in fifth house makes native energetic and makes him ready to take any risks in life. He will be joyful and live the life to its full. They can have sudden gains in gambling, lottery etc. If it is in good position in fifth house the native is blessed with children who will support them in life and will be proved lucky for them. Vice versa bad mars will create problems in children’s life or native will have problem having children.

Sixth House: The placement of Mars in sixth house makes the person famous, acquire friendship with learned people and be successful in endeavors. The native have the ability to face the opposition and competitors squarely. If it is weak in sixth house, they get cheated by servants or robbers. The native works on every detail of a job and this makes them good at any kind of job. They are disciplined, organized and thoughtful, and rarely disappoint people with their work. But because they take things so personally, they believe other people are not doing job efficiently and perfectly.

Seventh House: If Mars is present in seventh house, then trouble from partnership and in harmonious married life is indicated. He can live away from the family. If mars is afflicted it creates many problems. The person tend to involve in immoral activities and can become addict.

Eighth House: Natives feelings are strong and intense with Mars in the eighth house as this house is ruled by Scorpio. They often struggle internally with the deep questions of life and its hidden meanings. They are interested in occult sciences. They can read other people’s mind. They sometimes can become quite possessive of their loved ones, which can cause problems.

Ninth House: When Mars is placed in ninth house the person can be a high official. If Sun is also placed in favorable condition in horoscope the person can be a politician. Here it makes the person religious, rich, charitable, intelligent and reaches the top through his own efforts. A weak mars makes him a sinner, unfortunate, and suffer from many diseases.

Tenth House: Mars in tenth house makes the person glorious, victorious, strong, magnanimous and powerful. A great achiever, he never leaves work half done and is respectful among elders and teachers. He is able and patient, capable to overcome difficulties easily and efficiently. However afflicted mars can make him suffer losses in business and can make him addict.

Eleventh House: The placement of Mars in eleventh house makes the person rich and he fulfilled most of his ambitions and desires. He benefits from the government and authority. The native is large hearted, earns profit from most of his endeavors and enjoys the friendship of influential people.

Twelfth House: Mars in twelfth house makes person confident. They are very helpful to those seeking advice. Although he is hard worker and wants to save money, unhappiness from spouse or family can be a big hurdle in his life. There is a constant flow of thoughts that troubles him so much and he loses his temper and become hard in attitude. Expenses are uncontrolled in this house.