Rahu in the tenth house

Rahu in the tenth house   In Vedic astrology, the tenth place of the horoscope is called Karmasthan. This sense shows the patriarchy, job business, benefits from governance, knee pain, mother-in-law and respect for the native. Know the effects of Rahu being in the tenth house.
It is believed in Vedic astrology that if Rahu Dev is seated in the tenth house of a person’s horoscope, then the person is extremely strong and fearless. Such natives are intelligent, altruistic and proud. Rahu situated here gives some kind of worries to the native and makes the pride of the native slowly overcome.

Rahu in the tenth house –When Rahu is placed in the tenth house, the person is interested in poetry and poems. Such people can be good writers, journalists or editors. The native gets success, honour and fame in his lifetime by Rahu in the tenth place. Such people can occupy a large post in a folk group, village or city. This position of Rahu also makes the native a minister or a general

Rahu in the tenth house –When Rahu is seated in the workplace, the person is hostile and the enemies of such people are not there and even if they are, they are destroyed. Rahu located here provides the person with the benefit of bathing in the Ganges and the person also performs Yajna etc. from time to time.

Rahu in the tenth houseWhen Rahu is seated in the tenth place, the native is proficient in business and such a person makes many types of trips during his lifetime. While Rahu is sitting here, he lacks sons and offspring, but the native gets victory mostly in court work. The Rahu of the tenth place troubles the native in the beginning and the native experiences trouble and progresses progressively in his life.

Rahu in the tenth house –If Rahu is under the bad influence in the tenth place then the native becomes extremely lazy and insensitive, in such a place, the person should abandon laziness and do his work with a lot of heart. One should not waste his time in vain pride and useless things. Such natives should stay away from alcohol and any kind of intoxicants as far as possible.

In Vedic astrology, the eleventh house of the horoscope is called benefic. From this house, the person gets to know about the wealth, benefits, income received in his life, his friend, daughter-in-law, jubilee, gift and various ways. Know the effects of Rahu being in the eleventh house.
Rahu in the eleventh house reduces Arishtas coming in the life of the native. Such natives are physically strong and powerful and have a long life. In the eleventh house, Rahu not only makes the native hard-working, but the native has a love for poets and poems. Such natives consume all kinds of luxuries on the strength of their labour.

Rahu sitting in the eleventh house makes the native attractive and reticent, such a person has knowledge of different scriptures and the person is going to subdue his senses. Rahu sitting here also gives the native a witty and humorous nature. This position of Rahu takes the native to a great level and spreads his fame in all four directions. Such natives are befriended by smart people who benefit them in many ways during their lifetime. -Rahu in the tenth house

In the eleventh house, Rahu provides the native with the opportunity to earn money from abroad. Such natives have also been seen to gain wealth immorally at times. They have different sources of income and they have many types of vehicles. Such people often become extremely arrogant and waste both their money and time by getting into useless disputes. Such natives should as far as possible not earn money through cheating and cheating, otherwise, there may be problems related to children. -Rahu in the tenth house

If Rahu is seated in the twelfth house (horoscope) of the horoscope, then the native is mighty and famous. Such a person is highly ambitious and has high ideals. Rahu in the twelfth house makes the native benevolent and spiritual. Such natives are interested in Vedas and Vedanta and the person may have a saintly nature. This position of Rahu makes the native highly sociable and altruistic. The native achieves the pinnacle of progress through the strength of his hard work. –Rahu in the tenth house 

Rahu, sitting in the horoscope of the horoscope, destroys the enemies of the native and makes him gain money through various institutions. If such a person keeps sitting in one place, then all his wishes will be fulfilled by himself. Many times this position of Rahu also makes the native away from the birthplace.

Rahu sitting in the twelfth house gives some instability in the initial time of life, which causes the person to wander around for his livelihood. Being away from birthplace, such natives get lucky and earn a lot. This position of Rahu also makes the native very expensive. Such natives should stay away from treachery and irrationality. In any way, such natives can also be shown the face of  Hospital or Jail if they indulge in degrading and sinful actions.

Rahu, who is in the sixth house of the horoscope, removes the evils of the native. It is believed that if Rahu Dev sits in the sixth house of a person’s horoscope, then the sufferings of his life automatically end. Such natives have a generous heart and they do everything patiently. In the sixth sense, Rahu makes the native very adventurous and he can easily do great things in his life. Such natives are physically healthy and longevity.

If Rahu is placed in the sixth house of the horoscope, then the native conquers all his enemies and has a reputation like a king. Such natives have the grace of the government or government officials. Such people get benefits and wealth by people of other religions. Rahu in the sixth sense makes the native a rich person.

Rahu situated in the best house of horoscope, gives the person the pleasure of many types of vehicles, while the person also provides beautiful clothes and different kinds of jewellery. Such natives get a very good life partner who supports the person in all the good and bad times of life.

If Rahu gives a bad effect in the sixth house of the horoscope, then the association of such natives is bad. They have to face some kind of upper handicaps, sometimes the person may have some mysterious disease which is not even understood by the doctors for a long time. There is some kind of hindrance in the job of such natives. There is a lack of happiness from the maternal uncle, aunt or uncle.