Vastu Shastra  

Vastu Shastra Vedic Traditions are the closest thing that is available to us to get back in touch with nature. Vedic Traditions were left behind by our ancestors and since they have been abandoned we have no real way of getting in touch with them, but through Vedic Traditions, we can get a taste of them and be able to appreciate them. Vastu Shastra

The ancient, pre-industrial state of India, known as the ‘Vedic Traditions’, is particularly famous for its Vastu which was utilized by the people of ancient India for thousands of years. The Vastu, or mantra, is a very important part of the immense Vedic knowledge. What is the mantra? Simply put, it is a word or mantra, or an utterance of a mantra, spoken by the mediator or chanto.  Vastu Shastra

Vastu for home is a form of waste. It is a tantric tantra yoga word chant that is used to improve the energy connection between the individual and the Universe and within the individual. It is also known as Mantra Yoga or sound therapy. Vastu Shastra

Sound is one of the most powerful ways to heal the body. Many techniques are used in sound healing. As such, we find that Vedic medicine has gone into many forms of sound healing, such as mind sound healing and sound treatment and even sound therapy (last). Vastu Shastra

Vastu involves chanting and focusing the mind on what one wants to do or achieve. This is very similar to mantra chanting. There are many benefits to using mantras and sound to achieve a goal such as prosperity, spiritual freedom and wisdom, and the more we are able to bring these benefits into our daily lives, the more we will be able to increase the time and energy that we can use for more meaningful and helpful endeavours. Vastu Shastra 

I am working with clients who use Vastu in energy healing as a means of expanding their consciousness. These individuals use Vastu in energy healing to increase their consciousness in their personal and spiritual life. They also use it as a way to help their mind, body and spirit connect more readily to the Universe and the higher consciousness that is experienced in Kundalini awakening. Many people use Vastu in energy healing, including, but not limited to acupressure, therapeutic touch, Reiki, and deepaktivi chakra crystal healing. Vastu Shastra

Vastu in energy can also be used in clearing energy blockages or barriers in the energy field. It can also be used as a specific form of energy healing, though it is more commonly referred to as sound healing. Many of the Westerners that I work within Europe and North America prefer using Vastu in energy as opposed to using it in mantra chanting, which helps them focus more on the physical aspects of sound healing. Vastu Shastra

Perhaps the best way to appreciate the tremendous healing powers of Vastu in sound is to take the time to hear the sounds of nature. The birds are chirping, the leaves rustling, the water and waves crash, the gentle wind blowing…all of these are wonderful sounds to connect with and reflect on the energies that are present. Vastu Shastra

In fact, you might find that after hearing these sounds, you have greater clarity in your visualization. In this way, Vastu in energy helps in the development of deep breathing and awareness as well as spiritual development and integration. Vastu Shastra