Yoga for Happy Marriage Life

Yoga for Happy Marriage Life – Astrology has evolved today as an essential tool that helps people cope with various aspects of their lives, such as marriage, work, business, property, children, etc. When we talk about marriage, marriage astrology gives people many ways to become a better and more favourable partner. 


Yoga for Happy Marriage Life Marriage is the main event that is not lacking in a person’s life. “Heavenly marriage” and the astrology of intimacy are said to be useful hands that make it easier for people to find that mate in life.

As per the famous Astrologer Mr Abhishek Soni, He always says, Marriage is not a bond tied to one’s knots and discourses, but a commitment, a fidelity, fidelity to someone at every stage of life, and a commitment to be together in useful or harmful situations. So it is imperative to know that the marital life of the person you are marrying is characteristic that it can enrich the marriage life. Marriage astrology helps people to understand whether they are healthy or satisfied in married life. It helps people build their cohesive relationships and helps them understand and support their level.

Yoga for Happy Marriage Life

The glory of married life is essential to everyone because you have a lifelong relationship you predicted. The horoscope contains vital information about a person’s married life and the couple’s expectations.

The second house in the horoscope is considered the marriage house. This house must have an impact on the happy life of married life through the charity planet.

The seventh house can also be connected to marriage. For a happy married life, the lord of the seventh house and the seventh house should be powerful and right. The eighth house is usually connected to your spouse’s family. Therefore, if this house is wanted by favourable planets, it is suitable for marriage.

When an evil planet is present on the ascent, the seventh house is affected. This is not a promising combination of marriage. Therefore, the beneficial planets should always be seen up to the seventh position.


If the Navansha horoscope is known as the ascending, second, seventh and eighth house, problems can also arise in married life. Similarly, if the lord of the ascendants appears in the glorious world, the second house, the seventh house, and the eighth house, then the marital life of the Petras is filled with joy.

Happy marriage or love: astrology yoga

1. The seventh, fifth or ninth house with the seventh lord. If this combination achieves the presence of beneficial stars, then this relationship shows a lot of love.

2. The seventh lord receives altruistic aspects such as Jupiter, Venus, Mercury or the full moon. If the seventh lord of the lord wedding is located in the centre or triangular city, then this is an excellent yoga for marriage or love.

3. When in the case of two partners, the objective of ascending copy arises (1, 5 or 9), the harmony between the two is also shown. The couple’s moon signs should also teach this yoga.

4. Atmakaraka, Darakarka and the birth of two partners, The sun is also three-dimensional and therefore there are positive signs of love between the couple.

What is the astrology of marriage, and why it is important?

This is an important decision you have made. For a happy married life, the horoscopes or horoscopes of a potential spouse have been around since ancient times. The combination of horoscopes means that the girl and the boy are mutually compatible and appropriate. Vedic astrology plays a crucial role in our married life. Those who believe in logic and science cannot ignore the certificates of Vedic astrology to guarantee happiness in a person’s life, as there is ample evidence of the role of planets in their lives. – Yoga for Happy Marriage Life 

The solution to the husband-wife relationship as per Astrology:

This relationship is based solely on the trust and confidence shown by the couple. It is accepted before the fire, which is one of the five elements considered essential for the human body. Relationships in India are said to be very pure and established in heaven. But when the problem starts for unknown reasons between the spouses, this genuine partnership can be rented out. If there are severe marital problems, they can ruin the relationship. -Yoga for Happy Marriage Life 


Marriage is a sacred bond between two sexes that creates a relationship between wife and husband. Honeymoons are made in heaven. Is this true? Is this true? To a point, of course. It is the destiny of a husband and wife to live happily or sadly. Sometimes the marriage breaks up at the beginning or after the stage. People live without relationship. How are all these features responsible in some situations? Numerous horoscopes reveal their influence. Anyway, the astrologer will tell what will happen in the future, but nothing will happen except Almighty God. -Yoga for Happy Marriage Life 


The role of the planet in Marriage Life


In life, a marriage calculator is very important; Marriage makes or breaks the first experience. The birth chart shows whether a person is getting married or not. Although some astrological couples promise marriage, others reject it. The positions of the planets delaying marriage are also held. Men estimate the time and type of marriage in their seventh house, their lord and Venus. The seventh and eighth houses, on the other hand, tell their lords and Mars, what happens to married women.


Marriage is both a joy and a blessing on the mental and physical level and an institution for the continuity of humanity. This is one of the main factors in the development of each individual. This also applies if a person’s age is willing to do something positive and autonomous. In your childhood, before you reach the age of marriage, you will study at a young age and take care of yourself and be ready to take the burden of life and get the meaning of your life. The most active life of a person is 25 to 50 years. There is a time when you can do something with passion and encourage the development of society and the world in general, not just for your generation. For a partner to interact and decide, he or she needs a permanent partner who also meets their physical needs.  – Yoga for Happy Marriage Life

The success of a person in life depends on successful breeding. So other things were assigned to marry against the ascendant in the horoscope. All other houses, i.e. karma and general happiness, are reserved. Therefore, the next important home is the seventh house, the house of marriage, the house of fortune, and the life after the ascent supports a person in the first year. Because only a person who has the possibility of a peaceful and happy married life can maintain health and also contribute to the growth of society through materialism and spirit, the relationship between the house that controls marital life and the sixth house can be judged by whether a man has mental compatibility with his wife.