Diamond is the Gemstone for venus

Venus Astrology
The Planets – Planetary Dignities – Jupiter – Uranus – Neptune – Lunar & Planetary Nodes – Chiron – Lilith – Love, balance, marriage, romance, money, beauty, inspiration, gratitude, touch, look – Day: Friday – Colors: Green, Pink – The dominance of the feminine is expressed best through Venus, the ruler of Taurus and Libra, connected to all matter and our home planet. Because of its proximity to Earth, it is regarded as the brightest of the planets into the sky, and to add to that, it is the only world named following a female figure. This places a strong accent on its female character, together with besides our reflective satellite the Moon, we’ll see how rare are the celestial bodies into our graphs which might be connected to our feminine side.

Venus is a woman among planetsturning into the opposite direction than almost all them, and fogged by thick clouds which don’t let its surface to comprehend anything beyond it. Venus in Astrology – Like the planet itself could lead you to think, its heat and air will preoccupy you and cause you to feel hazed, into love, drunk on emotion, or determined on food, people, and all types of numbing, calming, or hallucinogenic substances. The main conflict of practicality and use with present and outer beauty is hidden into Venus, and we ought to constantly ask ourself if there is a negative to it lack so as to balance its inner natures.

Venus is both love, the goddess of love and romance, and platonic ideal of it. It is a sleeping beauty as far as it is a prostitute, and she’s the one to realize morality and responsibility don’t have anything to do with passion, love, or invention. Manifestations – whilst the best manifestation of Venus is shown on a psychological level, it’ll also talk about our self worth, money, banks, jewellery and sweets. Taurus Venus will talk of pasta while Libra Venus will talk of chocolate, and once combined, we get delights of all types, to taste, feel, and sense with our whole body and soul.

The setting of Venus into sign and house can talk of things which inspire and move us, and also those we feel and relate to through romance and devotion. Venus is our capability to love, feel and move easily and flexibility, and our capability to earn, earn money, valuing our own personalities of other individuals. When challenged, it’ll turn us into critics, towards other people and ourself, and make us frustrated and unthankful whenever we ought to be embracing life with all the presents it’s for us. It’s our lazy nature, our capability to enjoy time spent dancing, sing, or just which time we spend on our comfortable sofa, eating ice cream.