Venus is the karaka of Love Marraige

venus is a planet of luxury

Planet Venus also is known Shukracharya is the lord of the demons. Lord Shiva made him the lord of wealth and not only wealth Venus rules over medicines, mantra, and juices (rasas). His power is immense. Venus represents pleasure, love, happiness, and desires. Venus is art, music, theatre, glamour, beauty, flower, good taste, luxuries and all material wealth. Planet Venus

venus is a planet of love 

In soothsaying Planet, Venus assumes an essential job in getting material riches and extravagances in a locals life. Venus rules Taurus and Libra. Planet Venus

Venus takes care of the calling like lodgings, eateries, resorts, theatre, music, film industry, photography, magnificence parlour, gem dealers, beauty care products, crystal gazing and so forth. All aesthetic work goes under Venus. Venus makes local imaginative in craftsmanship work. Planet Venus

Individuals who keep up a luxurious way of life, performing artists and on-screen character, models, form planners, savvy people who impact society with their discourse or compositions, government officials with allure have the excellent situation of Venus in their graph.

marriage and venus in astrology
Marriage life can be checked from Venus. If Venus is well placed, it will give all marital pleasure to the native. poor venus can slow down your marital happiness and love life

Venus rules over the reproductive system, bladders, kidney, pancreas, nose, chin, throat, and eyes. Gem related to Venus is diamond and white sapphire. Its day is Friday. Planet Venus

The Secret to Venus Raja Yoga

The all-natural benefits thus lose the capability to offer benefit outcome, while the organic malefics lose their capacity to harm. On the grounds of the principles discussed hereunder, an actual benefit may assume the use of a malefic while a pure malefic may assume a benefit function. The malefic must also have a trine to shed its malevolence wholly.

Planet Venus