Ketu Mahadasha destroy a Career

Ketu Mahadasha

Ketu Mahadasha the most serious Desu. This is influenced by the type of fruit that Kundalini produces. It is a misconception that Ketu usually bears more than bad fruit. While Ketu Desi, a person will also carry positive results.

Ketu County usually lasts seven years. If the Sun and Jupiter remain in the horoscope or become positive to a person during this office, that person will achieve incredible results and success. If Venus, Mercury, and the Moon are in a negative state or in the same random horoscope, Ketu will have a very negative impact.

Depending on the position, according to Ketu astrology, Ketu is in a good position¬†in a person’s horoscope. Even the best planets are in a positive state. When they join a union, a person gets a name, glory, and abundance in life.

Ketu MahaDesha is not so happy to visit other centers. For example, if the Ketu is in the 7th house of a person’s horoscope or in a house, there is no harmony in that person’s family life. Disputes between spouses over less work can sometimes lead to a divorce. Even if the Ketu is in the 5th house, the child is cared for separately. Otherwise, it is said that the child is far from the parents.

Does Ketu Dasha destroy a career?

Ketu Mahadasha is faced with a career struggle because you have to work very hard to get the results you want and the results are not quick and you have to wait long until you work hard. If Ketu is in the 10th house, his career may be interrupted. Immediately, as residents may lose their jobs for a few months and more He may have experienced a sudden change in his career which is also related to Mahadasa. There may also be workplace conflicts that affect distance with coworkers. This can lead to conflicts in your career relationships, which can lead to more emotional and psychological stress.

Remedies for Ketu Mahadasha

  • On weekends you can wear at least four carats of cat-eye silver on your little finger. In the morning, dip the ring in water with Ganga or cow’s milk and perform the ritual of worship with the mantra.
  • Ketu will benefit from taking the nine Mukhi Rudrakshas he encounters as a trailer. The poor position of the Ketu has a positive effect when wearing the Nine Mukhi Rudraksha.
  • Placing the Ketu idol in getting the puja universe will help you in eliminating the negative results from Ketu mahadasha.