naukri in horoscope

Naukri in horoscope 

Career counselling for 11th and 12th students with commerce stream

Ever wondered what PepsiCo President MS Indranoi, Aditya Birla Group Chairman Mr Kumar Mangalam Birla and ICICI Bank CEO MS Chandakochar have in common? Apart from being visionary leaders and experts in their respective industries, all three of them have degrees in commerce. Yes, you read it right! The commerce stream, commonly known as the ‘non-smart’ students stream, also has a collection of some success stories to share with the world. In fact, when it comes to professional courses, commerce is visible at the top of the list with many professional career options available to students.  Naukri in horoscope

Therefore, if you are considering taking a commerce stream during your high school, then you must look at some aspects related to it before taking a final decision. To help you, important information and details about the commerce stream including major subjects and domains, further study area and career opportunities etc. are listed below. Naukri in horoscope

Commerce stream bias

Generally, most parents and guardians suffer from a great bias about commerce stream and they think that the commerce stream is suitable only for ‘non-smart’ students.

Apart from this, the subject of Arts is considered suitable for students with interest in Science and Theoretical Studies and Performing Arts for students with technical and research tendencies. But the commerce stream is said to be right for those students who are comfortable with ‘crunching numbers’ and want to become accountants in future. That is why many students believe that the scope of the study is very limited under Commerce Stream as compared to other streams. But this is a common practice and cannot be said to be true in the subject of commerce or any other streams. Some topics and a wide range of specialization and study options are discussed in further detail for students taking the Commerce stream.

Naukri in horoscope 

Despite the prejudice related to commerce streams, the popularity of this topic has been increasing very fast for the last few decades. Due to the growing economy, a golden opportunity for a professional career and high scoring, the tendency of students to take this subject in high school or later has increased. Earlier this stream was limited to a few subjects related to accountancy and economics, but today many subjects are being studied under it. some of them are –

Economics (Economics)

Students with a commerce stream have to deal with many financial and economic concepts. During 11th and 12th grades, students have to study Economics, Indian Economic Development, Statistics, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics etc. To do very well in additional economics, it is very important to develop a conceptual understanding of the subject and practice problems and numerical.  Naukri in horoscope

English  Naukri in horoscope

Like every stream, commerce stream also has to read English as a compulsory language. The English students learn in the Commerce stream are quite different from the English in other streams and have to focus mainly on the basics of the language including grammar, syntax and vocabulary development. Apart from this, students also learn business communication and other aspects.

Accountancy (Accountancy)  Naukri in horoscope

Accountancy is a core subject of the commerce stream and plays an important role during high school education. This topic focuses on the basics of accountancy and its theoretical process and financial accountancy, accounting standards, GST, recording of business transactions and similar concepts of 11th. In class 12th, students have to study accountancy, partnership firms, analysis of cash flow statements and financial statements of companies and computerize accounting for non-profit organizations.

Business Studies / Organization of Commerce  Naukri in horoscope 

Business studies or commerce organization is a very important subject for commerce students during high school. In the 11th class this subject studies the types of business organizations, emerging business models, types of industry, social responsibility and business ethics, sources of business finance, small business, internal business and the nature and purpose of international trade, etc. . In class XII, intensive study of management principals, business environment, planning, staffing, organization, control, finance market, financial management, marketing management and consumer protection is done.  Naukri in horoscope


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